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My name is Akitoshi.
Hola me llamo Akitoshi
меня зовут Акитоси
السلام عليكم سا نو ا كي تو سي

now programing 80%→0.01, when MyCo makes ,From today after 3 months Science 100% iPS cells, theory of relativity,trip to the second Earth..I introduce it toprogram,change a binary number, hardware,handle t(ime) next to xyz axiz of four dimenstions. I declare cosmosdate 1 here
Éfrustrante,un poco para destinazione mia. j' ai Geduld 我在中戦 recruitting programmer,mi posibilidad es +∞
I will continue fighting with myself,spaceman until l am dead.Sans toi. je ne pourrais pas vivre mi amors goodbye forever
I am going to aim to Leonardo da Vinci who can play sports,Warren Edward Buffett and William Henry "Bill" Gates III.
riding to Монгол Улс,Kendo~.
I was studying law Psychology, and economy and during 4 months .

Please reserve each 1 session 30 or 60 minites as much as possible.

I am working post office 4days a week at 18 ~22 as part-job ,

I am good Japanese speaker more than Intermediate level.
I am recruitting people who can speak Japanese.
I want to speak only Japanese with you

My major is Japanese history. Minor are Japanese and world history I had learned at college for five years ,but about Japanese I had been learning since I enter college.
I am striving to listen languages TED,movies (hulu Netflix )podcast etc

Kanji is classified in four sorts.First is form and hieroglyph(pictorial symbol),indication literature, These are sum up to 150 of all others kanji is combination.
Second is an ideograph. This is letters which link meaning and not reflect sound
This is 200~600
Three is “keisei letters”only sound kanji so not reflect kanji’s meanings
Last is ideograph and keisei letters.This is meanings and sounds

Onomatope is a general term. It is Mimetic word(states as Diamondo shines) “kirakira”and onomatopoeia(sound dog barks ) “wanwan”

Successive two kanji (zyukugo) is classified in 5~6 sorts.
One of them is subject and predicate e.g. 雷鳴(raimei)thunder→thunder(v)雷subject kaminariが 鳴(な)るpredicatei
〈Three tied kanjis 〉〈onyomi kunyomi 〉etc

Japanese vowel dislikes continuation. ✖io →〇yo Could you pronounce it?
Change of pronounce fa fi fu fe fo →wa wi wu we wo →ha hi hu he ho
The weaker fit of us lips are .
Source and meaning between vowel and consonant

【In my lessons】
Welcome to failtures and new idea ,Don’t be afraid of fail,
Today I am failing and in the future will do ,It is good for you to pass an examination.
I’ll use Excel,Word,PDF, images and share screen etc

〈a part of speech sorts and explanation〉

〈conjugated forms and sorts〉
verb,adjective and adjective verb
a auxiliary verb
〈a euphonic change〉theory✖others〇
〈how to find subject,predicate and modifier〉

・how to correct from two sentences to a sentence
・resultive,contradictory and add conjunction
〈introduction of tanka,haiku and poetry〉

honorific language,humbre and polite expression
〈idiom derived from historical events or classical literature of China〉

free talk,web articles ,paticular topic,varios topics ,differences of japan and your country problem. For example,tax , welcome whatever you like topics,

△HTML CSS CSS3 jQuery PHP Swift Ruby Java Python SQL C++ C C#

〇Constitution, △civil law, criminal law, commercial law, company law, ✖the Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure

〇Alfred Adler  △Sigmund Freud , ✖Carl Gustav Jung

〇Technical analysis  〇Fundamental analysis(△Mathematical formula)
〇Warren Edward Buffett  〇Benjamin Graham △George Soros
〔financial statements〕
〇Balance Sheet (B / S)Income statement (P / L)Statement of Cash Flows (C / F)
△Statement of Changes in Shareholders' Equity (S / S)

〈japanese history〉
△pareotith Yayoi Asuka Nara Heian Kamakura
〇Muromachi Sengoku Azuchi Momoyama Edo Meiji Taisyo Syouwa Heisei

〈world history〉
△Orient Mesopotamia Europe other countries and civilizations

Climate etc

〇vector probability differential calcules integration
✖iPS cells ,robots ,the universe,artificial intelligence.riding ,Kendo,Chemical,Phisics,
Very good, everything is ok
how to write kanji etc

Work Experience

italki preply and so on

September 30, 2016 - March 31, 2017

teaching japanese

japan post

November 30, 2016 - March 31, 2017

part job


doho college

March 31, 2011 - February 29, 2016

japanese history and grammer


italki preply etc

Certificate Uploaded

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