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Julius Don English Tutor


About me


Julius Don

Speak English

From Philippines

has taught 120 sessions.

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你好,我是朱利叶斯也! (Julius Don)
我教各级从初学者到推进: Freetalk/Accent/Business/Travel/Kids/Group/ Reviews for IELTS/TOEIC/OPIC/TOEFL

Hello there, I am Julius Don!
I have been teaching English for 9 years now.
This job is more than fun for me!
I have delivered lessons to students of various ages, abilities and backgrounds.
I have handled one-on-one lessons and group classes as well.
I teach all Levels from beginners to advance:
Freetalk/Accent/Business/Travel/Kids/Group/ Reviews for IELTS/TOEIC/OPIC/TOEFL

I can say speaking sessions excite me the most for this also give my students their much-needed opportunity in expressing their thoughts in English.
Since I am into reading online articles, it is not that difficult for me to find a common ground with them.
Being a teacher turned me into a better listener and transformed me into a more compassionate individual.
Through teaching, I have come to value learning and sharing to a greater extent.
Learning a language can be quite a challenge.
There can be times when it can get really tough.
But hey, no need to worry.
There's no easier way to learn that to be with someone who really cares for you and that's why I'm here!Let's gain language proficiency together.
My goal is to make your class lively and exciting while you're learning. I can't wait to see you. Let's work on reaching success together.

I am absolutely delighted to study English with you really soon, see you!

Work Experience

Language trainer in Microsoft (B2B)

February 23, 2008 - July 02, 2012

Liaised with managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions.Design effective training programs . Selects and book venues
Conduct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions etc. Prepares educational material such as module summaries, videos etc. Supports and mentor new employees. Keeps attendance and other records
Manage training budgets. Conducts evaluations to identify areas of improvement. Monitors employee performance and response to training.
Worked with Microsoft as a business consultant too across United States. My job description is to assist every CEO of Microsoft's business partners in choosing better business plan paradigm shift with the most appropriate business models at hand. This experience impact my experience for business related topic to my students because business English is far different from daily English conversations.


May 20, 2012 - December 30, 2016

I was one of the pioneer teachers of the company and where I have started my career in ESL teaching platform. Handled 10,000+ classes from all levels of learners. This career gave me the skill on suitable approach for each student because every student is unique. This uniqueness is where the value of teaching start. I focuses on handling every student in a special way.

St. Paul University

June 02, 2009 -

I've worked as an English teacher and contributed to the professional development of students
according to arrangements agreed with the Head of School.
Participated in and contributing to MAPS and IEP conferences and reviews of
officially statemented students and collaborating with parents, SMT, Inclusion
Coordinators and other professionals/stakeholders working with the student

Arizona Biosystems Ltd.- UK

June 08, 2011 -

Delivered observatory tasks and outputs to a high standard of quality. Completing Observatory tasks on projects managed by themselves as well as those managed by others, to time and budget. Managing projects of small size, delivering the agreed result, including meeting of all deadlines and financial targets. Supports the Head of Observatory in developing and enhancing the company’s analytical resources, consistent with company aims and objectives and other defined activities as agreed with the line management.


National University

May 05, 2001 -

Bachelor in Science Education Major in English

National University

June 12, 2006 - July 10, 2008

Masters in Philosophy




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  • After buying courses, you can arrange the them according to the teacher’s schedule.
  • If the teacher is able to do “Instant Tutoring”, you can make an appointment with the teacher at the upcoming time.
  • If the teacher is not online, the fastest possible course is 24 hours later.
  • If the available time on teacher’s calendar isn’t convenient for you, you can click “Contact Teacher” on the right to discuss with the teacher.

Purchasing notice:

  • The duration of a trial session is about 25 minutes.
  • The duration of a private session is about 50 minutes.
  • If you purchase more than 5 sessions, you will receive a discount. (According to the price the teacher set. )


  • Enter the website 10 minutes before the class starts. Click “Calendar” on the function bar, find the class, click “Go to class”, and then you will be in the classroom on ZOOM!
  • If you haven’t downloaded ZOOM, the system will direct you to download it when you first click “Go to class”.
  • You can use ZOOM for classes both on your phone and computer. (Please download ZOOM in advance if you choose using phone for the class. )
  • In order to have a successful class experience, we suggest you use a microphone or headphones/microphone combination, and ensure that your network is stable prior to the class. You may also use a high-definition video camera (optional).
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